The British Collie Open Show Critique
Sunday 2nd June 2019

It was an honour to judge Rough Collies at our open show today, I had some lovely dogs, which made it a very enjoyable day.  I would like to congratulate all the exhibitors for the presentation of their dogs they were a credit to you all and thank for your entries also many thanks to my stewards.

Veteran Dog or Bitch - What a lovely class of veterans.

  1. Walder’s Ch Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale (Imp Fra) - 7 years young this beautiful girl continues to wow us with her fabulous arch of neck, well placed ears and sweet expression.   She exudes femininity, her lack of coarseness of head and overall shape gives her excellent overall balance.  She covers the ground effortlessly and is at one with her handler.  It was easy to award her Best Bitch, going on to Runner-up in show today.
  2. Margett’s Collingvale Crème Caramel JW - another lovely bitch who excels in quality.  Correctly placed ears, lovely dark eye, well filled muzzle and good underjaw.  She has well placed shoulders and good turn of stifle which enable her, as all dogs do from this kennel, to move well.  Well coated which was excellently presented.
  3. Growcott’s  Jopium  Fascinator

Puppy Dog

  1. Wray’s Takahis Magic of Dreams - This young tri colour was in excellent coat of good colour and condition.  Nice dark eye, pleasing expression.  Lovely reach of neck and is a good size for his age with substance.  Construction was good and he moved out really well.  Attentive to handler.  I think he will mature on well.

Junior Dog

  1. Lockyer’s Once Upon a Time du Clos De Seawind with Gataj (Imp Fra) - 14 month sable and white dog with good ear placement, nice flat skull, sweet expression and lovely filled muzzle.  Correct front and rear angulation with short hocks.  Moved with confidence.  Showed non-stop, in good coat which was well presented.  Happy to award him RBD.

Graduate Dog

  1. Lockyer’s Once Upon a Time du Clos de Seawind with Gataj (Imp Fra)
  2. Brooker’s Corisian French Connection JW - More mature than one this 19 month old sable and white dog has lovely expression, good ear placement, nice obliquely set eye and flat back skull.  His reach of neck and length of back present a good profile.  Angulation was good front and rear, moved well.
  3. McCormick’s Lynmack Starman

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Lockyer’s Think of Me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj JW (Imp Hun) - This lovely 2 year old sable and white dog is very well balanced and maturing on well.  Darker sable coat which was well presented.  Pleasing head and expression, correctly placed stop.  Correct shoulder placement, length of back and rear angulation all enable him to move with ease.

Limit dog

  1. Cooney’s Danny Boy at Lingwell - At just over two years this young dog excels in moulding, with well set eye, head handles well.  Good strong bone and, correct slope of shoulder, well bent stifle and short hocks enabling him to move out well.  Excellent presentation.
  2. Wray’s Takhisis Dream Weaver - I really liked this young dog who I have watched and admired from ringside from a young puppy.  He has a lovely clean head with dark well set dark eye.  Stop in the correct place, ears well placed and used well.  Nicely moulded muzzle.  Good conformation enabled him move well.  Well presented as always from this kennel.
  3. Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon JW ShCM.

Open Dog

  1. Hawkins-Foy Beldones Tom Wood - My Star of the day.  I have admired this lovely sable and white dog from the ringside and watched him mature into a lovely dog and he did not disappoint today.  Lovely eye and expression, well moulded foreface, Good ear set, correct obliquely set dark eye and flat skull.  Well angulated shoulders, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks enabled him to move well.  His correct coat texture was well presented, as always from this kennel.  Happy to award him BOB and very pleased when with my co-judge was proclaimed Best In Show.

Minor Puppy Bitch: Three lovely babies in this class.

  1. Hawkins-Foy’s Beldones Enable - Eight month old sable and white puppy who I had not seen before.  Of good size and type with sweet eye and expression.  Nicely rounded muzzle with flat back skull.  She excelled in shape with a wealth of coat which was beautifully presented.  Nice round bone, good angulation moved well when settled and I was pleased to award her BPIB and went on to be BPIS.
  2. Davis’s Beldones Uptown Girl - litter sister to 1 who is of similar type.  Nice sweet expression with sweet eye.  Good angulation and of lovely shape.  This young puppy was attentive to her handler and moved so well for one so young.  I am sure these will change places in the future.  Beautifully presented.
  3. Marget’ts Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale

Junior Bitch

  1. Walder’s Hanvale Polly Shelby - I have watched this young bitch from a young puppy and am delighted to see how she has matured into a lovely young bitch.  She has good length of head and a sweet expression.  Standing she is such a lovely shape .  Good well angulated shoulder placement and strong hind quarters enable her to move well.  As always from this kennel so well presented.
  2. Iley’s Call me Dreamer in Blue for Ileyda Della Verde Scozia (Imp Ita) - This 13 month old blue bitch is such a lovely colour.  She is of good size with good reach of neck and length of back her outline is lovely.  Good shoulder placement, excellent length of back and well bent stifle.  Moved with drive.  Very well presented.

Novice Bitch

  1. Iley’s Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda - Although she stood alone in the class she is such lovely 13 month old bitch, she has so much appeal.  Correctly placed ears which she used non stop.  She has a lovely outline when standing, angulation was good front and rear and she was very attentive handler, she showed nonstop.  One to watch I am sure she will have a bright future.

Graduate Bitch

  1. Lockyer’s Beldones Coco Mademoiselle – At almost two years of age with dark well set eye, well placed ears and nice flat back skull, she had a very pleasing expression.  Good ear set which she used well.  Another young bitch I have watched from a puppy and she is maturing on well.  Moved well and well presented.
  2. Walder’s Hanvale Polly Shelby
  3. Mill’s Lynmack Sweet Amber

Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Most Majestic Victory of Rosschell - I very much like this young bitch for her femininity and overall shape.  She did not put a step wrong,  Sweet expression with a lovely dark eye, good length of muzzle and a sweet expression.  Lovely arch of neck into level topline which she held on the move.  Moved very well.  Very well presented and I was pleased to award her RBB.
  2. Hawkins-Foy’s Looks Like Fun - A much heavier type of bitch to one, good rounded muzzle, well set ears and flat back skull.  Good front angulation, well groomed coat of correct texture.  Nice level topline.  Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks  enabling her to move with drive.

Limit Bitch This was a lovely class of bitches.

  1. Lockyer’s Takhisis Hope and Dreams with Gataj - Loved this girl for her overall balance, a very nice type of bitch.  Coming into good coat which was groomed to perfection.  Lovely rounded muzzle, sweet eye and well set ears giving her a lovely expression.  Well laid shoulder and good length of body.  Nice round bone and angulation was good in front and rear.  Moved well and was very well presented. RBB.
  2. Brooker’s Gerian Sunkisses over Corisian  JW - I well remember this lovely girl who has lovely expression.  Lovely profile when standing though shorter in body than one.  Well placed ears, nice dark eye.  Nicely fitted coat of good texture which was groomed to perfection.  Moved out well.
  3. Beare’s Jemspark Maid in Secret

Open Bitch

  1. Hawkin’s Brilyn Molly Coddles - Another young bitch I have admired from ringside and watched from a young puppy into the lovely girl she is now.  She has a very sweet expression.  Well used ears, well set eye and nicely rounded muzzle.  Adequate  reach of neck and well laid shoulder with good rear angulation.  Moved well.  Excellent  presentation as always from this kennel.
  2. Wray’s Beldones Duchess of Dreams - Another bitch I have known from a puppy and is always presented to perfection.  Sweet expression, well placed ears which she uses to advantage.  Good conformation and movement.  Very attentive to handler. Moved out very well.
  3. Skinner’s Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal.

Margaret Shipp