Open Show
6 th June 2015

Many thanks to the committee who always put on a lovely show, and to my three wonderful stewards, all my decisions were met with sporting behaviour from all exhibitors, and I had some wonderful dogs presented today.

Rough Collies

Veteran D/B (7, 0abs) What a lovely class to start the day                                                                                                         

1st Milligans Ch Alfsden Hakuna Matata. A favourite of mine. Tri of 10yrs, not at all showing her age, lovely head, beautiful ear set, always alert, lovely body shape, moved like a dream. Beautifully presented. BViS
2nd  Tames Rahlissa Aint Mis behavin. 9 yr old sable. Another nice bitch, sweeter in head than 1, lovely wedge shape, good ear set, nice head with correct stop, good eye, Nice length in neck, good shoulder angulation, lovely length in back, good on the move.
3rd Wrays Takhisis High Voltage   

Minor Puppy D (2, 2abs)
Puppy D (2)
1st Maxwells and Wallis Trenley Tavanagh at Hamisks. Sable of 9 mths, dog well up to size. Has a good head with nice planes, adequate stop, nice eye. Well used ears, would prefer them slighty smaller. Nice neck into good shoulders. Good length in back, good length of tail. nice tight feet, good dense coat that was immaculately groomed. Moved out well  BPD
2nd Hulls Lizmark Centurion. 11 mth S/W dog. Another good head, would like more roundness in muzzle, nice stop, nice eye. Good ear carriage. Lightly boned all over, chest needs to develop. Nice long neck and nice length of back. Moved well out in front but lacked drive from the rear.


Junior D (2) Interesting class of two boys that are totally different.
1st Foster and Madges Sheps Moondance with Jaysur. Tri up to size with nice bone. Head of good proportions with clean wedge, nice stop. Well placed ears that are slightly tipped, good eye. Long neck into good placement of shoulder. Good length in back, slight rise over the loin, long tail. Body just needs maturity. Moved out well, just naughty with his tail in the challenge.
2nd Wrays Takhisis Trick or Treat. Tri just turned 12 mths. Nice head with good dark eye, well placed stop. Would prefer tighter ear set. Good length in neck and back. Just didn’t move out as well as 1st

Maiden (1) 
1st  Lizmark Centurion

Novice Dog (2)
1st Takhisis Trick or Treat.
2nd Trenley  Tavanagh at Hamisks

Graduate D (2)
 1st Cooneys Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell.  S/W . Head a little deeper than I would have liked, Nice dark eye, well used ears although I would prefer them tighter. Nice overall body shape, carrying a heavy coat. Very good on the move.
2nd Arrowsmiths Saganan Gundagai. Young dog, preferred his head to 1, lovely stop, lovely expressive eyes. Good ear set, very alert. Liked his length of neck and lay of shoulder. Nice length of back, good rear angutlation. Moved well. Just lacking bone and needed to carry more weight.

Post graduate D (2)
1st  Maxwells and Wallis Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks. Young S/W, very expressive in head, has a lovely dark eye, nice earset used to his advantage. Long neck into good shoulder placement. Nice length in back, good rear angulation. In lovely condition. Moved out well from all sides.
2nd Burgess Chantique Honey Bear at Keithmere. 3yr old S/W. Finer in head then 1st, has a deeper stop, nice dark eye, good earset but not happy to use them today, would prefer better front, nice length to height ratio. On the move didn’t reach out in front and lacked drive.

Limit D (4.1abs)
1st Mellish Demelewis Catchmydrift. Stunning blue merle that immediately filled the eye when entered the ring. I loved his well moulded head with no hint of coarseness. Correct wedge, lovely slight stop, Nice roundness of muzzle with good under jaw, obliquely set eyes giving that lovely true collie expression. Lovely ears which he used to his advantage. Super well arched neck into well angulated shoulders. Long back with slight rise over the loin. Well let down hocks, body covered in the most exquisite silvery blue coat that was groomed to perfection. Moved around the ring with great stride and purpose, just like he owned it. BD, BoB and RBiS
2nd Skinners Nikal Its Gud to be Black. Tri with a good head, adequate stop, good earset although not using them today, nice eye, deeper in back skull then I would have liked. Good in body shape. Moved well with good stride out in front.
3rd Chantique Honey Bear at Keithmere

Open D (3)
1st Whites Mejola My Blue Harlequin, lovely up to size B/M of 6 yrs. Same sire as my BD. Cracking head, with well placed stop, lovely expressive eyes. Well placed ears just a tad light. Good length in neck with great shoulder placement, nice deep chest, correct length in back, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. His movement has real stride and covered the ground well.  Presented in top condition with good harsh coat. Unlucky to meet Limit winner who I felt had the edge in the challenge. RBD
2nd Hulls Lizmark Gold Standard.  S/W that is finer in head then 1. Would prefer more roundness in muzzle, nice eye and good earset, another not happy with the wind today and not cooperating with his handler. Nice otherall body shape, Didn’t move very well today, have seen him perform a lot better.
3rd Rosschell Boddy dazzler at Wassail.

Rough Collie Bitches
Minor Puppy (6) what a lovely class full of baby puppies.
1st Wrays Beldones Duchess of Dreams . Very pretty sable of 6 mths. Well moulded head, good dark eye,good ear set which were used well. Liked her overall body shape, nice angulation front and rear. Her movement was positive. Nice baby.
2nd Hawkins Salsina Black Lace, 6 mths tri, good foreface, nice eye, nice stop, good ear set which she used to her advantage. Nice length in neck and back, well let down hocks, pleasing on the move, ran 1 close, very close!
3rd Davis Riverside Song Zazara of Rosschell (imp Rom) very unlucky to meet first two.

Puppy (3)
1st Smiths Rashel Follow Your Dream. OMG what a delightful tricolour girl, this one I would easily take home, she has the overall size and shape that I was looking for, super head on this girl , correct stop, beautiful dark eyes and  ear carriage which were bang on top and she knows how to use them. Lovely long graceful neck, into nice shoulders, good length in back, well angualed in the rear. Moved with drive and purpose. BPoB. BPiS
2nd Growcotts Lillyways Loobylou. Another pretty tri bitch, sweet head, lovely eye, good stop, well used ears, would prefer them a little tighter, nice length of neck, good angulation both front and rear, nice in body, covered in a beautiful jet black coat which was well presented. Moved with ease.
3rd Hulls Lizmark Beks Beauty

Junior (4) 
1st Randalls Ladnar Footsteps.  Very pretty B/M . Good length in muzzle, nice stop, nice eye,  good ears used well. Lovely shoulder placement. Good body shape, nice turn in stifle. Moved out well, correct from side and rear.
2nd Whites Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola. Young tri with a nice clean head, good wedge, nice eye, lovely stop. Correct ear set but just tipped too heavy which distracted from her overall expression. Nice length of neck, good body shape, well let down in hocks. Moved with ease

Maiden (1)
1st  Hulls Lizmark Beks Beauty. Placed third in puppy, I like this girls overall body shape, she has lovely length of neck. Good angulation both front and rear, just finer in head than I would have liked.  Not showing herself off today.

Novice (2. 1a)
1st Beardsworths Maysinder Dancing Queen. Very pretty sable with a decent head, good stop, nice dark eye. A little light in her ear set but she used them well. Adequate length of neck, nice lay of shoulder, good length in back, nice rise over of the loin. Very positive movement.

Graduate (6.3a)
1st Maysinder Dancing Queen                                                                                                                                    
2nd Milligans Ladnar Mystic Circle with Alfsden. B/M, nice head, sweet eye, earset a little low. Nice overall body shape, nicely balanced, moved out well.
3rd Rigbys Kourika Krushed Krystal at Eximer

Post Grad. (1)
1st Foster and Madges Jaysur and All That Jazz. Lovey young S/W. Classic in head, nice wedge shape. Well placed stop. Lovely dark eye, Has a lovely tight earset but she just wouldn’t use them today in this wind. Liked her long neck, good lay of shoulder, nice length of back, good rise over the loin, nice long tail. Very graceful on the move.

Limit Bitch (9. 3ab) lovely class
1st Newmans Phreelancer Phond Memories. Lovely sable with my kind of head, nice wedge shaped head with good round muzzle, lovely stop.  Good dark eye, lovely tight ear set which she used to her advantage.  Loved her long neck and her overall size and length in back, covered in a well presented  coat. Moved well. RBB
2nd Arrowsmiths Saganan Lady true blue.  As her name suggests a very pretty blue lady whos head is a joy to handle. Lovely moulded foreface. Correct stop, lovely eye giving the desired collie expression. ear set is very light. Good overall body shape. Moved out well. Unlucky to meet 1.
3rd Fosters and Madges PT JCh Ingledene Ocean Breeze with Jaysur                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Open ( 6, 1abs) 
1st New
tons Fiorcara Sweet Rhapsody. I have always wanted to get my hands on this young lady. Sable of 4 years. Cracking head, Stunning expression. A good roundness of muzzle with slight but perceptible stop. Nice dark eye and good tight ears which are correctly tipped. well arched neck. Good shoulder placement and length in back. Coat nice and harsh, well presented.  Covered the ground well with good movement. In the challenge for BoB I felt the Dog just commanded the ring and was more on his toes.  BB, RBoB                                        
 2nd Hulls Lizmark Gold Nugget. A tri that I also like. Loved her overall size and shape. head with a nice round muzzle with a good underjaw, with well placed stop, lovely dark eye. Good ear set and used to her advantage. nice length in neck, and shoulder placement,  nice rise over the loin, good turn of stifle. Just not as positive in moving. Presented in top condition.
3rd Wrays Takhisis Lady Natasha                                                                                                                                                         
Judge: Marianne Benton