The British Collie Club
Saturday 29th February 2020

I would like to thank the hard working committee for inviting me to judge Smooth Collies at their friendly, well managed show. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for bringing their precious Smooths out, I was very pleased with the overall quality.

Smooth Collies

VD/B (5,1) 1. Russell’s Ch Manordeifi Satin Doll Of Koczkodan. This 10 year old tri bitch is still in fine fettle moving like a youngster. Her head handles very cleanly, rounded muzzle, lovely dark eyes and neatly tipped ears. Strong neck leading to a well angled front, nice length of rib and a very nice turn of stifle. Harsh coat texture, well boned and nice tight feet. Very pleased to award her RBCC.  2. Williams’ Ch Foxearth Forward Thinking For Mcclelland. This 10 year old s/w dog is so balanced, moderate all round. Elegant clean head, sweet expression, ears just tipped enough. Strong arched neck, correct angulations and a good length of back. Just showing his age in his movement now.       3. French’s Finnish Touch For Breckamore.

PD (4,0) 1. Naulls’ Wynele Indian Ink. Very promising 7 mth tri. He has a lovely outline, excellent chest, bone and feet. His head is masculine, nice dark eye and neat well used ears. Moved steadily for a baby, just needs his thick undercoat to moult out. BPD. 2. Hayward’s Wynele Never Can Tell At Foxearth. S/w litter brother to 1 and very similar in type. Good angulations, well off for bone, very sweet expression and nice flat backskull. Not as finished as 1 and needs to tighten up on the move. 3. Cooper’s Breckamore Beat That.

JD (1,0) 1. Martin & Howard’s Shandlmain Blu Chief. 12 mth old, very well marked b/m. Very masculine without being coarse, his head is clean through, nicely tipped ears, arched neck leading to an excellent front assembly. Well boned, correct tail carriage. Very loose on the move today and he is another who could do with a moult as there is still a slight tan cast through the coat.

PGD (4,2) 1. Holloway’s Coneypark Coldplay. 3 year old tri shown in peak condition. Head pattern a little strong for me, but he has neat well used ears. Adequate angulation, nice bone and feet, correct coat.  Moved ok. 2. Kestner’s Tersurani Golden Dream. Up to size 2 year old s/w in good muscle and coat.  Head of correct length, responsive ears, a little straight in angulation so limited in stride.

LD (1,0) 1. Lusty’s Blamorder Bring Him Home. This 3 year old tri is everything in a small package. So well proportioned, he moved effortlessly with reach and drive. Excellent muzzle and dentition, clean through the cheeks, sweet expression and correct ear carriage. Strong arched neck, good angulation and perfect harsh black jacket. RDCC.

OD (5,1) 1. French’s Ch Foxearth Flockmaster For Breckamore. Super, balanced 8 year old tri shown in hard condition. His head is clean through, correct stop, well placed eyes and neat ears. Strong neck leading to a lovely length of back, correct angulations and excellent chest. Good bone and feet, moved with drive keeping a level topline. Pleased to award him DCC, RBVIB, then he went on to win RBVIS, well done! 2. Loader’s Ch Coneypark Countdown For Allangill. This 3 year old s/w is of a larger make, but still balanced. Dark eyes, neat well used ears, powerful neck and correct angulation. Well off for bone, nice tight feet, moved well. 3. Hayward’s Ch. Foxearth Formula One.

PB (5,0) 1. Naulls’ Wynele Couldn’t Could She. 7 mth s/w litter sister to the BPD. Very similar in outline but more together than her brother. Feminine head, sweet expression, excellent ear carriage. Correct angles both ends, particularly nice turn of stifle, strong bone and tight feet. Moved out really well for a baby.  Well deserved BPB, BPIB then she went on to gain RBPIS  2. Richardson’s Koczkodan Sweet Dreams Of Lizoni. 7 mth tri still very much a baby. A little unbalanced at the moment, however she moves steadily which gave her her place. Lovely flat backskull, neat ears, well fitting jet black coat and tight feet. 3. Caulfield’s Blamorder Tango For Two.

JB (3,0) 1. Lusty, Williams, Timperon & Timperon’s Blamorder Go Romancing. 11 mth old very typy tri. Strongly made but feminine, dark eyes, flat backskull, responsive ears. Powerful neck, well angled, good depth of chest and in excellent muscle. Another who will benefit from a change of coat. 2. B Tango For Two. 3. Tri litter sister to 1 and she is very similar in shape. Her head is not quite as finished but she has a correct harsh black coat. Unfortunately shown with a little too much weight which impacted on her movement. 3. Peacock’s Saraneth Edgedancer.

PGB (6,1) 1. Jerrett’s Blamorder Sunny Sky. 2 year old s/w developing along the right lines. A balanced bitch shown in good coat and muscle. Clean through head with flat backskull and well tipped ears. Nice front assembly and chest, correct length of back. Moved well. 2. Caulfield’s Blamorder Marvellousness. Tri sister to 1. Nice length of head, lovely front  and good bone. Correct coat, moved well once she settled. 3. Russell’s Koczkodan Midnight Sun.

LB (4,0) 1 Lusty, Williams & Hutchings’  Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. 3 year old beautifully marked b/m. This very pretty bitch was a bit of a conundrum. Very attractive, clean head with a dreamy expression and neat well used ears. Correct arch to her neck, well angled, good bone and feet. She moves with ease and I seriously considered her for the rcc, however I feel she is perhaps a bit long on the leg, making her outline a little square. 2 B Marvellousness. 3. MacDonald’s Blamorder Just The Spirit.

OB (5,0) 1. Hayward’s Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot At Foxearth. Well what can I say other than just perfect! This 9 year old tri is the embodiment of the standard. Perfectly balanced head, full muzzle, correct stop and dark almond eyes which together with her neat ears gives the ideal expression. Strong arched neck, correct angles, excellent length of back, deep chest. Strong and feminine, still moves out with ease and drive. Very pleased to award her the BCC, BOB and BVIB. She then went on to be awarded BIS and BVIS, a super day for the Smooths. 2. Lusty’s Ch Blamorder Just My Luck. This 5 year old tri also has a lovely expression, neat well tipped ears and is nicely balanced. Correct harsh coat, well boned and she moved well when she calmed down. 3. Naulls’ Ch Foxearth Fudge Wynele.

Anne Smith