Open Show 7th June 2014
Rough Collie Judge Caroline Tipper

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this show and for their hospitality on the day.
Such a same it was pouring with rain as I had every intention of judging outside.  Rough Collies don’t always give their best indoors and it was sometimes difficult to assess movement as the hall is quite small and some of the dogs were reluctant to walk on the floor. That said, I was pleased with the movement of my main winners

Veteran Dog or Bitch 5 (2 abs) 1st Cooneys Emeryks Ellie at Lingwell: 9 year old golden sable bitch.  As always, this lovely girl gave her best, showing and moving.  She is a darling with neat well set ears, a lovely sweet eye and expression. She has a wonderful shape and a fantastic long and well set tail.
2nd Growcotts Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth: Dark shaded sable and white.  7 year old Male who stood and showed well.  He moved out well on strong legs and has a great overall shape.  Cant believe either of these 1st two were veterans as looked so good. Preferred the reach of neck on the bitch.

Puppy Dog, 1: 1st Collins Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle: 11 month old bright sable with a huge white collar that really accentuates his wonderful arched neck.  He showed well using his ears to great advantage.  Overall has a lovely shape and substance with a good bend of stifle, and a lovely long tail.  For perfection his stop needs to clear slightly but he has a gorgeous expression and he has time on his side for the stop to clear. Moved well when he got his act together but he is a big dg so needed a larger ring to get into his stride.  BP dog and pushed hard for BP in Breed.

Junior Dog 5 (1 abs)
Ross’s Tremaro Start touch at Samshernk: Just out of puppy.  A very promising bright sable boy.  Stood and showed beautifully with lovely well placed ears and a very pleasing sweet expression.  He moved well on strong legs and he has a wonderful length of back, a great reach of neck and overall shape finished off with a lovely long tail. I really liked this boy.
2nd Wells Collingvale Crunch a Terelimon: Again, just out of puppy and an overall much smaller dog than 1. A lovely shaded sable/white who moved well and had a lovely shape. Nice head and expression and just preferred the size and substance of 1
3rd  Wrights Pelido David Weir.

Novice Dog: 2 1st Chelborn Sould Desire for Triburle
2nd Pellido David Weir.

Graduate Dog: 4 – 1st Mclaughin Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow JW: 20 mth oldTri boy, Lovely clean head with well placed stop, sweet eye and well placed ears which he used when needed but would have been happier outside! Lovely Jet black coat covering a well shaped body. Moved well.  It was a hard decision between him and my 2nd placed dog
2. Ross’s Tremaro Start touch at Samshernk.  A shame he came up against my 1st placed dog as would have liked to see him in the line up after winning Junior Dog.
3. Philpin Bahato View Bojangles for Tudorlyn

Post Graduate dog. 5 (1 abs)
1st Ross’s Tremaro Start touch at Samshernk
2nd Smith’s Aldermeade Alexander.  Nice dog with a sweet expression.  Good coat, nice shape and moved okay. Preferred the overall look and qualities of 1st
3 Skinners Nikjal It’s Gud to be back

Limit Dog 3 (1 abs)
1st Jeffries Chantique Hot Toddy – a 5 year old dark shaded sable and white male. Lovely head and eye, perfect ears which he used all the time and was very attentive to his handler. Losing coat at the moment but what he had was beautifully presented. He has a good length of back from a well arched neck. Movement was a little erratic in the class but settled in the line up and I was pleased to award him Res Best Dog

2 Burgess’s Chantique Honey Bear at Keithmere. Sable dog from the same kennel as the winners. Presented well but doesn’t have the overall good shape and arched neck of the winner.
Open Dog: 4 (2abs) Two lovely dogs who will change places many time.  Thank you for giving me the pleasure of going over them
1st Congdons Monsolana Black Milan For Aaronwell. A 4 year old tri dog in full maturity and a wonderful well presented coat. Well placed stop and Lovely dark eyes giving a soft and pleasing expression. Ears were a little lost in the profuse coat! Fantastic shape and lovely bend of stifle.  He moved well well on strong limbs.  Pleased to award him best Dog.
2nd Collins Triburle Zachery.  Rich sable boy who although only 6 months younger than my winner lacks his mature look.  Losing coat at the moment so a big thank you for still bringing him to the show.  He has a lovely soft melting expression and a really sweet eye. He is a lovely dog with a great shape and stands beautifully.  He moved really well but lost out on the complete picture that the winner presented.

Minor Puppy Bitch: 2
1st Congdons Monsolina Pink Star for Aaronwell.  And what a star she is. I have seen her from the ringside an was delighted to get the chance to go over her.  8½ months old blue merle with a fantastic reach of neck , good length of back and overall shape. The most amazing coat for her age with full featherings and beautifully prepared plus the bonus of being a lovely well broken clear blue. A lovely sweet expression but to be critical the stop needs to clear a little.  Ears well set  and used well, being very attentive. Great angulation which enabled her to move with drive and then everything came together as she flowed around the ring.  Best Puppy In Show Well done
2 Copsey’s Gemheid Lilac Light another 8 mth old B/M bitch .  Great ear placement but lacked stop and underjaw which marred the expression a little. She showed well and moved okay.
Puppy Bitch 4 – (2abs)
1st Monsolina Pink Star for Aaronwell
2nd Ryans Mertrisa Zola Moon at Scotttye: Pleasing 11 mth old Tri Colour with a lovely expression and nice head properties.  Good rich tan markings.  Good shape and lost out to the better movement of 1.

Junior Bitch: 4 (3abs)
1st Copseys Alanita Jasmyn Through the Mist: 15 mth old Tri Colour Bitch.  Beautifully Trained and didn’t put a foot wrong.  Pleasing head with nice eye shape and expression. Out of coat at the moment but what she did have was presented well and allowing her shape to be seen. Moved okay

Maiden 4 (3 abs)
1st Monsolina Pink Star for Aaronwell

Graduate Bitch  4 (3 Abs)
1st Farthings Ladnar One more Time for Didek: Tri colour bitch almost 2 years old. Jet black coat presented beautifully. Pleasing head with well placed stop ears a little heavy.  Good length of back well angulated shoulders and moved well

Post Graduate Bitch 4 (2abs)
1st Collins Triburle Mischief 2 year old Sable & white bitch  who lives up to her name! She was a little Mischeif and really made her owner/handler work hard today. Not overly happy indoors but has a beautiful well balanced head with really sweet well placed eyes giving a truly lovely expression. A great body shape with good length of back and nice bend of stifle which enabled her to move really well.  When she put it all together she is really lovely but you just don’t get long to see it.
2nd Smiths Aldermede Cameron Diaz. Dark Sable & White bitch.  A heavier head than my wonners but she does still have a very pleasing expression and lovely sweet well placed eyes and good ear carriage. Great shape and reach of neck. Tail could be a touch longer.  Moved well.  Preferred the expression of 1

Limit Bitch 6 (1 abs)
A lovely class
1st James Jamesfair She’s got Talent: Wow, I loved her and couldn’t take my eyes of her. 7 years old sable bitch that I last judged as a 6 month old puppy and gave her BPIS then.  She has matured in to a wonderful elegant bitch who doesn’t look her age at all.  Such a shame she hasn’t been shown much. She has exactly the head I was looking for with a well placed stop, the sweetest of eyes and lovely well placed ears bank on top all the time.  It all came together to give that truly beautiful dreamy expression.  She never stopped showing for her handler.  She is in full coat with abundant petticoats that flowed when she moved.  Great reach of neck, good length of back well let down hocks lovely bend of stifle allowing her to move well around the ring.  Pleased to award her Best Bitch and BOB Rough Collie.  Unfortunately she went a little lame in the challenge with the smooth.
2nd Margetts Collingvale Crème Caramel 2½ year old dark shaded sable bitch of similar size and shape of 1. A lovely head and expression.  Great shape and Moved very well just didn’t have the finish of my winner. 
3rd Philips Turdorlyn Little Princess
All three were lovely bitches and a pleasure to go over.}

Open Bitch – 3 (3 abs)