British Collie Club Open Show
December 2021
Rough Collie critique

VD/B  6/1
1st  Wray Ramsden’s Beldones Duchess of Dreams. 7year old shaded sable bitch who is nicely put together with good angles front and back, lovely length of neck showing good outline.
She has a good head with flat skull and clean through the cheeks, her expression is soft and melting and she uses her ears well. Movement positive and fluid, she carries her age well. BB
2nd Margett’s. Collingvale Chardonnay 8 year old sable bitch :whose shape instantly appeals, her head is balanced and  clean and she has lovely eyes which together with well used ears combine to give a lovely expression.. good movement just slightly less positive in front than winner
3rd White’s Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola JW

1st Fielding’s Lillyway Lemon Crush - 6months sable puppy, promising young boy but a little all legs and wings at the moment. Good head with pleasant expression, nice outline, a little straight in upper arm but good angles behind.  Needs to tighten in movement but is only a baby.

PD No entries

JD 1
1st Boyle’s Monsolana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough. 14months Tri Dog. Compact dog but with lovely shape, beautiful neck enhanced by lovely white ruff, little steep-in upper arm

MD 1
As previous class

ND 1
As previous class

GD 3 entries
1st Phillip’s Essanjay  Against All Odds. 2 years old tri dog, all male good sized dog, well made with good strong body, good shoulder and good bend of stifle, his tail is long and set correctly. His head has length and balance with flat skull and ears well set. Movement was difficult to assess as he has a long stride and it was a small ring.
2nd Growcott’s Lillyway Legacy. 2 years tri dog who is very well constructed with a lovely outline, depth of chest and spring of rib. Loved his head which handles so well and he has the softest of expressions, his movement was good. He lost out to 1 on size only.
3rd Boyle’s Barrenclough Diamond Skies.

PGD 3 entries
1st Phillip’s Essanjay Against All Odds
As previous class
2nd White’s Camanna Chasing Clouds over Mejola. 2 years Elegant blue dog of good colour. Not much in the way of coat but showed off his lovely outline. Well made but needs to drop in chest and generally fill out. He has a good head with length and balance and flat skull. Eyes and ears were set well to give a pleasant expression. Movement was lacking in drive.
3rd Gautrey’s Lillyway Landwind

LD. 3 entries 1 absent
1st Blaikie’s Kourika King Pin. 3 years blue dog of excellent colour. Good size well boned well constructed dog, deep broad chest, good spring of rib and correct angles fore and aft. Correct head of good length and balance with a nice expression, lovely shaped and set eye but ears could be tighter. Despite the handler being late in the ring and the dog being rather unsettled he moved well with drive. BD and BOB
2nd Blake’s Corydon Pol Roger 22months blue dog. Compact well made dog who was impeccably schooled and groomed. His head is balanced and clean through the cheeks, but his skull needs to flatten and he needs more back skull. His movement was excellent but I would like him bigger all over and his colour is not the best.

OD 2 entries
1st Wray Ramsden’s Takhisis Dream Weaver. 5 years sable dog who makes a nice picture standing, he has a lovely outline with length all through, good shoulder angulation and well bent stifles. He has a lovely head, clean and balanced with the softest of expressions. His movement was very good, strong and precise. RBD
2nd Cooney’s Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell. 5 years sable dog in full bloom. Mature boy with good bone who has good construction with well developed chest and spring of rib. He has a lovely sweet expression but I find him deep in stop and heavy in back skull although his head is balanced and his skull is flat. His movement is a little lethargic.

MPB 3 entries I absent
1st Growcott’s Lillyway Lemon Breeze. 6months tri, very precocious young lady but also very bewitching. Balanced outline with beautiful black coat which was well presented. She has a good shoulder and turn of stifle, and tail length is correct. Her head is lovely, clean through with flat skull and no flaring. Her ears are bang on top and she uses them, her eyes are well set, a good size and shape and very cheeky. She did her own thing going down the mat but did enough to show she is sound even if she can’t walk in a straight line.
2nd Randall’s Ladner Izadorable. 6months blue of lovely colour. Impeccably groomed and schooled, showed like a veteran.   
She has a good outline with length of neck and back but at the moment needs to grow in the leg to balance the picture. Her head is good with lovely eyes well set, ears could be tighter but used well. Movement was good, fluid with good drive.

PB  1 entry
1st  Blake’s Corydon Belle Époque, 9 months blue bitch who has a lovely outline, good length of neck leading to well angulated shoulders length of back, good turn of stifle and long tail. Head is clean and balanced nice eyes, ears a little wide set. She moved well, covering the ground with reachy stride, I hope she grows on.

JB No entries

MB 2 entries
1st Randall’s Ladner Izadorable
2nd in MPB
2nd Blake’s Croydon’s Belle Époque
1st in PB

NB 1 entry
1st Blake’s Corydon Belle Époque
1st in PB

GB 4 entries 2 absent
1st Rose’s Uffspring Ultravox 2 years tri bitch with lovely jet black coat, nicely presented. She has a nice balanced outline and clean head with a flat skull. She has a pleasant expression when she uses her ears. She moved well
2nd Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Silk. 2 years old pretty sable bitch, quite dainty but well put together with an elegant outline. Nice head and lovely expression when she uses her ears. Movement was quite loose front and back. Pity she was completely out of coat.

PGB  1 entry absent

LB 2 entries
1st Growcott’s Lillyway Lemonade Blush. 4 years sable bitch who makes a lovely picture standing, very well balanced, good angulation and nice length all through. Her head is clean with flat skull and good chin and her well placed eyes and ears combine to give a delightful expression, she moved with a steady positive stride. RBB
2nd White’s Mejola Physical Attraction. Shapely 3year old tri bitch who is nicely made, head is of good length with correct stop and she has well set and shaped eye but her ears are wide set which detracts from her expression. Movement could have been better.

OB 2 entries
1st Margett’s Lynmead Lemonade for Collingvale 3 year old blue bitch who excels in shape and conformation which was plain to see as she left her coat at home. Her head is good, flat skull clean through the cheeks and decent underjaw. Lovely eye and ear set to give a pretty expression. She moved well
2nd Skinners Samhaven Time is Money with Nikal well known 7 year old tri who is starting to show her age but still has a nice outline and is well constructed her head has length and is balanced and she never took her eyes off her handler. Movement was a bit sluggish.

Angela Coulson