British Collie Club
Open show December 4th 2021

I would like to thank all the officers & committee for the very warm welcome & invite to judge the smooth collies , It was a pity about the absentees but with ongoing disease & other commitments it cant be helped , I thank those exhibitors who accepted my decisions. Also like to thank the club for the lovely flower & Drink gifts.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2.1) 1st Benton . Oakestelle Venus De Milo, A lovely 8 year old B , B/M of good colour , very clean wedge shape head with a slight stop in the correct place , almond shape well set eyes , never stopped showing with her ears in correct place slightly tipped , nice length of neck with good proportioned front assembly , nice short hocks , long well set tail , moved well with drive.

Puppy Dog ( 1 ) 1st Seager. Blamorder Scale Force , Tri D of 8 months , It was very hard to a full assessment due to being very excitable & unable to get hands on , he was a very decent size for 1 so young , ears need to settle , very good muscle , he did move ok , BPD BD BPIB

Junior D no entry

PGD no entry

Open D (2,0) Absent

Puppy B (1,0)Absent

Junior B (3,2) 1st Davies & Brown , Breckamore Blessings at Wystry,Tri Bitch very feminine, clean head at all angles, nice dark almond shape eyes with her stop in correct place , ears used to her advantage , good length of neck , nice long tail & set correct, moved well .

PGB (2,1) 1st Benton , Breckenhaye Queen of Hearts of Oakestelle, Tri with clean wedge shape head on all planes , stop in correct place with dark well set eyes , ears set well on top , moved well.

Open B (4,2) 1st Benton , Oakestelle Artemis ShCEx , B/M very feminine , head clean all through with stop in correct place , dark almond shape eyes , very attentive to handler , nice well arched neck flowing to length of back , well set tail , good rear angulation which shows on her movement , BB BOB 2nd Jerrett, Blamorder Sunny Sky , A nice well made sable/white B , nice type bigger all over , lost out to 1st preferring eye & front ,

Tina May