Open Show
Rough Collies

7TH December 2014

Many thanks to the committee for the opportunity to judge at this very festive show – the committee had gone all out to decorate the hall beautifully and a great atmosphere prevailed. The stewards kept the ring running well. I was thrilled with the entry, and even after the inevitable absentees I had a good entry of dogs to go over.

Most were in immaculate order, thank you. A few were too fat, but not many. A tiny minority were in worryingly poor condition of coat and/or body and really should not have been at a dog show. It is beyond me why people invest time and money in entering dog shows and present their dogs in this way.

As is often the way with these indoor venues, some did not like the floor surface and refused to co-operate, influencing placings.

Veteran Dog/Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)
Started the day well with a lovely class in their golden years, all five in fine form and a credit to their owners.
1. Cooney’s Emryks Ellie at Lingwell BVIS, who is looking very well at 10 years old and won here on her elegant shape, lovely length to height and good angulation front and back. Head retains its clean lines, would prefer less tip on her ears but we can’t have it all. Moved soundly to beat the younger dogs in this class.
2. Walder’s Ch. Hanvale Doogie Howser BD Always a quality dog, I just find him a tad short in upper arm, which shows in his front extension, and his current coat stage makes him appear a little loaded in front. His head retains its quality and he makes a lovely picture.
3. Growcott’s Chantique Simply Smashing with Rusforth

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 1)
1. Margetts’ & Wells’ Caronlea Celtic Lord at Collingvale, golden sable boy just short of 7 months and of the type that will take time, but he appears very promising. His head has some maturing to do, but he presents a nice picture with a good neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good topline, long tail (this seems rare on today’s entry!) and firm movement if a little narrow through at the moment. I look forward to seeing him develop.
2. Wray’s Takhisis Trick Or Treat, well grown tri boy who is currently growing in all directions and appears a little square. Strong head, ears a little over-tipped. Good bone, harsh coat of ink black colour. Not keen on the floor, although did at least move …
3. Collins’ Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones

Puppy Dog (1, 0)
1. Tipper’s Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten BPD Stood alone, nice sable boy of 9 months, who has done his growing early and now needs some time to gain co-ordination and grow into his mature head and body. Lovely eye in very masculine head, good neck in to a well proportioned body. Movement sound, just a little narrow through at the moment, which I am sure will change with maturity.

Junior Dog (2, 0)
Two very different boys here, both with their advantages and both needing a bit more time.
1. Slater’s Danfrebek Double O Seven at Stanlox JW won here on his size, masculinity, more refined head and sweet expression (although not keen on using his ears). He has a good neck and shoulders and was sound enough on the move, just needs to mature in to his frame.
2. Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go, sable lad, superb showman - not the biggest but very soundly put together. Little narrow on the move, look forward to seeing him with a bit more maturity.

Maiden Dog (3, 0)
1. Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten, repeat
2. Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones, super rich sable pup with the cleanest of heads and sweetest of expressions. Would perhaps like a little larger, but like his body shape, good bone and angulation – unfortunately he did not want to co-operate today and refused to let off the brakes!
3. Malpas’ Lanlin Lucky Secret

Novice Dog (4, 0)
1. Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten
2. Jump In The Fire Du Bois Des Amazones
3. Wright’s Pelido David Weir

Graduate Dog (5, 3)
Two very different boys at an awkward age.
1. Ferguson’s Ladnar Double Dutch, nice sized rich sable of good shape, clean head of good length, but would benefit from more fill in muzzle. Well muscled, but overweight which showed on the move.
2. Philpin’s Bahatiview Bojangles for Tudorlyn, blackest of tricolours and very masculine, but would prefer more refinement in head. Strong bone, would benefit from more neck to give a more elegant outline.

Post Graduate Dog (11, 0)
1. Tipper’s Two Tone for Tiganlea, mature and masculine tri boy who is just my cup of tea. Substantial but with length through head and body to give him the elegance a Collie needs. Head well moulded with nice eye. Good body proportions and angulation, well muscled and topped off with an ink black harsh coat. Moved soundly, as his body shape suggested. When it came to the challenge, with his Mum in the ring handling the puppy, he unfortunately decided he had done enough and refused to co-operate with his handler.
2. Cooney’s Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell, good sized sable male with very clean head and very sweet but masculine expression. Good neck, angulation front and back, firm topline. Moved soundly enough, although could be more positive. Just looking a bit ‘teenage’ and needs a little more time to match the maturity of the older dogs.
3. Skinner’s Nikal It’s Gud To Be Black

Limit Dog (4, 1)
1. Jeffries & Alexander’s Chantique Hot Toddy RBD Sable male who has a very clean head that handles beautifully. Beautiful shape and set of eye combine to give a very sweet but masculine expression. On handling, he has a decent neck, although he is good at hiding this. Sound enough on the move, although handler needs to encourage ‘show’ movement rather than tending towards handler-focused heelwork, which makes him dance a bit!
2. Hull’s Lizmark Gold Standard, rich sable dog who excels in shape and has a very clean head of good length, but I would prefer more size and substance to his body and a more masculine head. Not the most enthusiastic of movers here today.
3. Burgess’ Chantique Honeybear at Keithmere

Open Dog (3, 2)
1. Phipps’ Oakanmoor Just Do It, masculine blue merle with harsh coat of clear colour and with a very rich tan. Strong bone and good body shape with excellent angulation front and back, good topline and rise over loin without excess. Head moulding is lovely and he has a very sweet expression. Stop and start on the move today, but sound in snatches.

Minor Puppy Bitch (8, 3)
1 and 2 stood away for quality in this class. Winning on maturity was 1. Walder’s Jolie Blonde de Cabrenysset for Hanvale BPB/BPIB Well grown 8 month sable and white who is schooled and presented to perfection and had the edge on maturity here. Clean head with sweet eye, in good coat for age, strong bone, good angulation front and back and love her proportions. Moved soundly, with bounce! Tail needs controlling.
2. Tame’s Rahlissa Love Song, giving away a good few weeks which makes so much difference at this age, but a lovely bitch with good length through head and body giving a very elegant shape. Clean head and sweet eye giving good expression and moved out with confidence. Again, tail needs attention.
3. Rigby’s Chelborn Up To Something at Eximer

Puppy Bitch (3, 1)
1. Philpin’s Tudorlyn Fairy Dust, sable bitch with very elegant shape, good neck, loved her proportions and outline, good angulation – just needs a little time to mature on in head at the moment and for stop to clear. Makings of a promising bitch.
2. Bradshaw’s Barrenclough Golden Charm at Tyfield, decent body shape on this petite and very immature sable bitch, but not in condition for the showring at the moment.

Junior Bitch (8, 3)
1. Hawkins’ Brilyn Glory Days, sable bitch with such an elegant body shape and so clean in head, presented in immaculate order. Cleanest of heads, perhaps eye could be a little sweeter and ears a little less tipped, but her general impression was of quality through. She was not keen to move at all, but I still felt her quality outweighed this in comparison to others in the class.
2. Rigby’s Kourika Krushed Krystal, blue merle of decent shape. Clear colour with harsh coat of good texture. Would prefer more refinement in head.
3. Ware’s Kynan Paris By Night at Wassail

Maiden Bitch (2, 1)
1. Tudorlyn Fairy Dust

Novice Bitch (3, 0)
1. Brilyn Glory Days
2. Tudorlyn Fairy Dust
3. Malpas’ Lanlin Blue Crystall

Graduate Bitch (10, 3)
Spoilt for choice in this class. Splitting hairs for first two places between two lovely tricolour bitches, who were fortunately next to each other in class and gave me plenty of opportunity to enjoy and compare – both feminine, well boned, excelling in body shape, angulation and soundness, with clean well moulded heads and the sweetest of expressions.
1. Mervant’s Inspiration In Black Du Clos De Seawind RBB/RBOB just edged the decision here on slightly better ear placement and use. Still a bit more coat to come for a fully mature look, I think - apparently this was her first show in the UK and I very much look forward to seeing more of her.
2. Margetts’ Collingvale Caviar, no white collar here, but she doesn’t need it, so smart and elegant. Just coming back in to the blackest of coats with superb texture, I look forward to seeing her in full bloom.
3. Tipper’s Hazelnut Des Vergers De Iacchos

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 3)
Two very different girls, both with quality.
1. Hawkins & Foy’s Haute Couture des Beldones, compact sable bitch, mature and well coated. Undoubted look of quality about her, head very clean and well moulded with sweet eye, ears could perhaps be a little tighter. Good angulation front and back, well boned, in superb condition and very sound on the move.
2. Jeffries & Alexander’s Dallinaire Touch The Sky, pretty blue merle with more length through head and body, not quite in full bloom here today. Clean head. Harsh coat of clear colour, although perhaps a little dark. Love her length to height, although do find her a little high on the back end. Moved soundly.

Limit Bitch (6, 4)
1. Slater’s Amalie Lynmead Lets Go Alexi to Stanlox, sable bitch with super shape and angulation, sound on the move if rather full of character and testing her handler regularly. I found her a tad strong in backskull and slightly full in eye, but her body shape will always demand a further look.
2. Hull’s Lizmark Gold Nugget, elegant tricolour with very good body shape. Would perhaps like a little more strength all through. Head would benefit from a bit more moulding, would prefer eye and expression a little sweeter.

Open Bitch (5, 1)
1. Margett’s Collingvale Crème Caramel JW BB/BOB My star of the day, love the shape, size, elegance and sweetness of this bitch, just coming back in to coat so all is fresh and sparkling, good texture, with a beautiful rich colour. Refined well moulded head of good length with obliquely set eye of good size. Good neck in to well laid shoulders, firm topline, well muscled throughout with her conformation and condition evident in her soundness on the move.
2. Hawkins & Foy’s Fr. Ch. Eloise des Beldones, classy sable bitch with clean head and good eye, giving very sweet expression. Very feminine, but with good bone and strength. Good body proportions and presenting a lovely picture. Very sound on the move.
3. Hawkins’ Brilyn Feel The Difference