The British Collie Club Show
Saturday 5th March 2022
Judge, Carron Jenkins  (Rannaleroch)

First and foremost, I would like to thank the committee  and club for inviting me to judge. Good quality of exhibits, thank you for letting me judge your Dogs: It was a honor.

Veteran dog:
1st , Congdon, Ch/Fr Jugband Blues Du Clos De Seawind via Aaronwell. Lovely mature boy with so much coat in great condition. Nice head with soft expression, good length of neck to strong shoulders. Good front and back angulation , which was shown on the move with drive. 
2nd  Steven, Cariadhaf Crazy Dream. Another lovely boy . Very attentive to handler. Nice head with good ear set. Lovely length of neck to shoulders.  Well presented coat
Moved well.

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Chaplin, Takhsis Lysander, Lovely young boy , who stood alone but deserved his place well. Quite mature for his age and outline was lovely on the stand.  Nice clean head with correct ear carriage. Good neck and lovely front on this pup. Quite confident on the move and cheeky. So nice to see them enjoy themselves.

Puppy Dog
1st McCarte, Roughrigg Red all Over. Promissing Sable  boy with so much future. On the stand, a lovely shape and pleasing to the eye. Big coat groomed to perfection. Nice head, correct ears. Nice front and good angulation  Strong shoulder placement following through to depth of rib with length to back quarters. Showed himself well.
2nd   Brooker, Corisian Parisian Magic.  Another boy with a great future. Well developed puppy in great condition. Showed very well . Sweet, clean head with pleasing expession.  Nice front  with arched neck, shoulders strong and good body length, Good back angulation and moved with drive.

Junior Dog
1st Lockyer, Gataj Out of the woods.Confident boy and moved well in the ring. Lovely shape. Sweet head , correct eye shape and ear set. Held himself well on the stand and moved freely. Nice front and back angulation 

2nd Boyle Dr, Monsalana Aspire to Inspire over Barrenclough (imp Rus).Nice boy, a bit shy but in shape, he has it all. Clean head with soft expression , good ears .
Nice should placement , Lovely front . good length . Needs time to adapt .

Maiden Dog
1st McCarte, Roughrigg Red all over

Novice Dog
1st McCarte, Roughrigg Red all over
2nd Milligan & Marley , Alfsden Endless Night,  Young tri dog with nice head and expression. Good neck to shoulders, good depth and length in body. Moved well.

Graduate Dog
1st Lockyer, Gataj Take it on the run. Beautiful dog, Lovely shaped head with sweet expression.  Correct in every way , which showed on the move. This dog had drive and took the ring in his stride. Groomed to perfection.
2nd Tipper, Tiganlea True Hero Another lovely boy with nice head and outline. Clean head with eyes of soft expression. Shoulder placement correctly set and depth . Couldn’t fault both dogs but prefered number ones drive on the move.

Post Graduate Dog
1st Growcott, Lillyway Legacy, If a dog could bring a smile to your face, this boy did. He had character . Nice tri boy with lovely head, nice fitting coat , groomed very well. Nice angulation on front and back. Could be a bit steadier on the move but used the ring
2nd Gautrey, Lillyway Landwing.Again a nice dog. Good shaped head and soft expression . Preferred number one on outline but confirmation was great on both.  Lifted his tail a bit on the move.

Mid Limit Dog
1st Singh, Tiganlea Task Master at Tenric. A stunning blue merle boy. This boy has everything. He caught your eye on the stand  Lovely clean head , good ears and soft eyes and expression. Good length of neck to strong shoulders . Good depth of rib and length of body, nice angulation and moved well using the whole ring.
2nd Turner, Chantique Magical Mystery. Lovely sable boy. Again, everything there for this boy. Nice head with correct ears and melting expression. Lovely shaped boy.
Hard between these two dogs, just preferred the presence of number one.

Limit dog
1st Congdon, Starlenga All that Jazz from Aaronwell. Handsome tri boy,  Very correct in shape. Lovely male head , although with soft eyes and expression.  Good coat covering his body which was groomed well. Moved well .
2nd McCarte, Roughrigg Rag n’ Bone man. Another boy with a huge coat, well groomed. This boy has a nice head with correct shape , soft eyes and good ears. Nice to see the dogs actually looking male. This dog gave number one a run for his money but preferred the drive of number one.

Open dog
1st Cooney, Jopium Danny Boy at Lingwell. Lovely dog, that stood squarely with presence. Head of good shape , earset correct , with nice eye and expression. Nice length of neck to good shoulders and correct front, Angulation with drive on the move.
2nd Lockyer, Think of me Prince of Sunlightat Gataj (imp Hun) Sable dog with presence. Head of good shape with a smouldering expression . Lovely ear carriage, finishing off a true head. Beautiful groomed coat covering a lovely shaped dog. Moved well

Best Dog : Congdon, Starlenga All that Jazz from Aaronwell

Res Best Dog: Singh, Tiganlea Task Master at Tenric

Best Puppy Dog: McCarte, Roughrigg Red all over

Res Best Puppy Dog Chaplin, Takhsis Lysander

Best veteran Dog : Congdon, Ch/Fr Jugband Blues Du Clos De Seawind via Aaronwell


Veteran Bitch:
1st Wray-Ramsden, Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW. Nice to see the veterans move with ease. This girl did this and more. She was so attentive to handler and stood lovely
Sweet head , lovely expressive eyes . Well coated bitch , enjoying her day out.
2nd Brooker, Telforth Sweet Dreams to Corisian(Imp Fra) Lovely bitch, who wanted to see what you were doing. Gentle girl with soft head and expression. Full coated but carried it well. Groomed perfectly. Nice shape , very correct. Moved well.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Wray- Ramsden, Takhisis Midsummer Dawn,  confident youngster, showing well. Lovely outline and slightly taller than 2nd place bitch. Nice feminine head. Well placed ears and soft expression. Very correct in shape and angulation. Moved well.
2nd Hawkins Breckamore Welsh Honey for Brilyn (Naf)
Lovely minor, a bit shy but she has so much promise. Sweet girl with nice head and expression. Shorter coupled than first but moved well .

Puppy Bitch
1st Turner, Corisian French Flirt. Sweet girl, beautifully turned out. Good head, with lovely expression . Nice front and good depth of rib. Strong back angulation and worked with drive on the move.
2nd Spendelow Riverside song Narayana at Uffspring ~(imp Rom) Blue merle bitch of nice colour, well coated ad fitting. Nice head with lovely expression and ear set. Good length of neck, good shoulders . well placed front and back. Lovely mover.

Junior Bitch
1st Turner, Paulara Keep the Faith. Beautiful shaped bitch, so nice to go over. Lovely fitted coat in good condition, Nice shaped head with correct stop and eye placement Nice front and nice shaped rib with depth, nice moving.
2nd Lochyer, Another stunning girl in beautiful coat. Gorgeous sweet head with lovely expression. Clean shaped . Very confident . Lovely shape of body Moved well.

Maiden Bitch
1st Spendelow Riverside song Narayana at Uffspring (imp Rom)
2nd Philpin , Tudorlyn Alice in Wonderland. Another merle with nice coat, Nice shape on the stand but a bit shy . sweet head and good neck and shoulders. Nice shape Moved well,

Novice Bitch
t1st Spendelow Riverside song Narayana at Uffspring (imp Rom)
2nd Margetts, Collingvale Campari. Another lovely youngster. Lovely shaped head, nice shaped eyes and correct ear set. Nice flow of neck, good shoulders and length of body, Well placed, front and back. 

Graduate Bitch
1st Finney, Millubie Rewind (imp Ser) Georgous tri girl, she caught my eye on the stand. Lovely confirmation front and back. Feminine clean head with correct eye and ear set. Nice to go over  and she moved well.
2nd Lockyer, Gataj Honey Bee. Sweet clean head on this bitch, lovely expression. Stood very correct and a pleasure to put hands on. Nice depth  of rib and strong length. Good angulation on front and back.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Congdon, Starenga All my Love to AAronwellTaf,  Well made tri girl. Nice expression with a feminine head. Lots of coat fitting a nice shaped body. Moved with drive
2nd Rose, Uffspring Ult Travox,  Good tri but head slightly narrower than first. A sweet lady, with good eye and ears, good shoulders and angulation.


Mid Limit Bitch
1st Murray & Bellamy, Beloreen Starlight. Very nice blue girl, lovey shape and well coated. Nice head with correct stop, eye placement and ear set. Good length of neck and pleasing angulation at front and back. Moved with ease.
2nd Wray-Ramsden, Takhisis Aphrodite, Jw Fr J Ch,
Lovely sable girl. Nice head with pleasing expression. Soft eye on nicely structured head.  Nice front . Nice depth of rib. Good length to loin and back angulation. Moved well.

Limit Bitch
1st Brooker, Paris Venice Du Bois Des Amazone9Inp Fra) JW  Beautiful bitch. In excellent coat and condition. Sweet head on this bitch with soft expression. Good front and back angulation, used well on the move. Very pleasing to go over.
2nd Gautrey, Carristina Summer Rhapsody Another lovely bitch, with nice correct head shape, good soft eye with pleasing expression. Good length to neck to shoulders. Front and back angulation good. Moved well.


Open Bitch
1st Bardos, Ch/Int/Hun Ch Tiganlea Make Good Time,
This bitch was stunning, lovely shaped with fitted coat. Beautiful head with a melting expression. Soft eye and good ear set. Nice neck length, strong shoulder placement. Correct angulation, used well on the move.
2nd Newman, Phreelancer phaith Hill. Lovely tri of a different shape. Slightly longer than one in head, although very pleasing expression. Nice outline on the stand with very correct angulation. Longer in the back from one but carried it well on the move.


Best Bitch :
Bardos, Ch/Int/Hun Ch Tiganlea Make Good Time,

Reserve Best Bitch
Finney, Millubie Rewind (imp Ser)

Best Puppy Bitch
Turner, Paulara Keep the Faith

Reserve Best Puppy Bitch
Turner, Corisian French Flirt

Best Veteran Bitch
Wray-Ramsden, Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW.

Best of Breed
Bardos, Ch/Int/Hun Ch Tiganlea Make Good Time,

Reserve Best of Breed
Congdon, Starlenga All that Jazz from Aaronwell

Best puppy in Breed
Turner, Paulara Keep the Faith

Best Veteran In Breed:
Wray-Ramsden, Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW.