I would like the committee for inviting me to judge the males at the British Collie Club, I would like to thank my steward Mrs Coulson for making it an easier and entertaining day.

Having judged the dogs I was rather concerned with many males who were short in head and deep through, In the early classes many of the puppies were not too comfortable walking on the mats and therefore hard to assess movement. I felt there were some quality dogs but overall it was rather mixed.

I do hope nobody is offended by my comments and take them in the spirit intended.

1. EDWARDS CH ELSHAJO ARMANI MOON------Beautifully presented tri, all male, lovely clean head of good length, good eye and nice expression, Well balanced dog . Moved well.
2. WRAYS TAKHISIS HIGH VOLTAGE -- What a lovely boy, presentation excellent, he has nice dark eye giving him a gentle expression,good ears which he used non stop, moved well. In totally harmony with his handler.

A hard class to judge as they were unsure on the floor
1.McLAUGHLIN--MOONDANCE DE CABRENYSSET FOR BRIHOW--Up to size B/M ,balanced head, correct eye,good ears which he uses well, would like a bit more length of back, moved ok.
2.HAWKINS BELDONES TOM WOOD-- Believe it was his first time out, S/W With a bit of quality pleasing head, good stop, correct ears when he used were on top, wasn't happy on the floor.

1.CARVEY RASHEL ONE MOMENT IN TIME--Tri with pleasing head, good stop ears right on top, good shape moved well.

Not the biggest boy but nice nevertheless, good head, nice eye giving a beautiful expression, good ears , good neck, moved well .Only wish he was a size bigger.
2. WALKER BELDONES SEDUCTEUR AT STARLENGA--Good head ,good stop, nice eye, good reach of neck, excellent presentation as always from this kennel, very promising

1. SCOTTS MAGICAL MOON OF LOWLAND GREEN VALLEY -- Good overall shape, excellent eye shape and position, good ear set moved ok, should have a good future.


1.BLAIKIES KOURIKA KOSTA KOFFEE-- Tri who is in great condition, the more you look at him the more you appreciate him, lovely expression, lovely dark eye, good clean head, good stop, nice flat skull which you can't notice for hair, moved well

1. FOX TAYLOR - LEAKE---ALANITA ACKER BILK FOR WESTOAK-- Upstanding sable, good bone and substance, good size, pleasing head, correct stop, good well used ears, good neck and length of back, moved ok
2. FRENCH - SAMHAVEN NAME THAT TUNE---- This dog could be a star, nothing to dislike if only he wanted to be at a dog show,lovely masculine head,lovely head eye and expression, good size, good bone, neck just flows into the shoulders, love everything about him

1.HOLLYWOOD'S AMALIE SAY IT AGAIN--S/W in great condition, Could not be denied the CC. Presentation excellent, stood four square and shows non stop, nice head and eye giving a beautiful expression, nice neat ears, good depth of chest, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Moved well.CC
2. CONGDONS MONSOLANA VELVET BLUE FOR AARONWELL -- lovely dog but don't like his colour--presented in full coat, nice shape good head, good rounded foreface, good jaw, nice eye and expression, good ears, good bend of stifle, nice short hocks, moved ok

1. Maxwell Wallis TRENLEY TATENEN AT HAMISKS--- Gave his mother her 1st ticket. Not one to catch the eye instantly, dark sable who is so well balanced, good length of head, nice eye and expression, good length of back moves well but oh loves the sound of his own voice, moved well
2. Telford GLENBOWDENE SHADES OF GOLD----S/W of nice colour, good make and shape,good neck, good bone, good length of back, moved well.

1. COONEYS CH JOPIUM STOLE MY HEART AT LINGWELL---Good sized sable of quality, balanced head , lovely well shaped eye, good ears , good neck , well balanced.good tail set and carriage. Didn't move today with his usual drive.RES CC

2. COMPAGNON GIORGINO BLUE D AGER DU CLOS DU FAY------- A BIG favourite of mine I gave him BOB in Belgium last year,Top quality upstanding B/M of correct size and substance. His head handles well, correct parallel planes,good dark eye good length of neck, good body, good tail, nice short hocks, excellent rear angulation. Pity he didn't move well today.

Billy Ritchie