MARCH 2022


A very good entry of Smooths awaited me on the day, and I would like to thank Nick and Anne Smith for their invaluable help as stewards.

1. Benton's Oakestelle Venus De Milo - 8 year old merle, she presents a very nice profile, good neck and outline with a full white collar which enhances her neck and shoulder. Well broken merle, perhaps a little dark towards the shoulder, stood four square, she has a very refined head, well filled flat skull, good eye and ear placement, she could be a little stronger in underjaw, very sound on the move and strode out very well.


Puppy D. (5,2)
1. Wensley's Constella Hazy Cosmic Jive - 6 months, only a baby, quite refined in outlook, but a sensible little fella with a very nice outline, he has a very nice head, eye and expression, good front, and well developed for one so young, he is rather full of himself on the move, which shows in his tail carriage which spoils his overall outline, this needs watching, but it would be a shame to penalise him at this age, which in time should settle down.

2. Seagart's Blamorder Scale Force - by the same sire as above, this young man almost a year old, he was really sound on the move, a very noteable feature on this puppy, another who was full of enthusiasm for the occasion, rather too heavy for me as he was rather deep through in head profile, especially in muzzle, well filled flat skull, good eye and ear placement, his movement will always deserve a placing.

3. Swan's Koczkodan Silver Bullet

JD (2)

1. Flower's Breckamore Peaky Blinder at Lyndaryn - 17 month/merle, another one who was so animated and full of enthusiasm it was almost difficult to handle him, however he has a super neck and outline, the head on this boy appealed except he was almost devoid of underjaw, and was very lippy in head profile, his tan markings were quite pale, although his head had parallel planes and well placed eye, well filled skull, he moved quite well, good depth and spring of rib and excellent hindquarters with double thigh.

2. Cowling and Lusy's Blamorder Opulence at Hininnsaga - I liked this dog's head very much, I was quite inspired by this, which pushed the winner hard plus a rich tan, the only reason was he was a much darker colour than the 1st, as he had quite a lot of sable overtones in his coat, also he carried his tail very high, plus the sable showing through on the merle, which was quite dark in places, together with black patches, such a pity because the head is a very important feature.

PG (2)

1. Lusty's Blamorder Audacity - A dog of reasonable size, good foreface, flat skull, correct stop, well placed eyes and ears, using them well, very rich ran markings. I would prefer to see more underjaw, however he has good bone and front, his markings do not help him, as his collar is high, good depth and spring of rib and good turn of stifle, moved well round the ring with good front extension, and moved well behind with and correct tail carriage RCC

2. - Holloway's Coneypark Coldplay -much heavier and bigger all round than 1, rather too heavy in all aspects, in head profile he was deep through and lippy, although he had a lovely dark eye and good ears, reasonable neck and very good body, tremendous depth of rib, and good hind quarters, unfortunately his movement was altogether erratic, rich tan markings sensible temperament standing wagging his tail all the time.

LD (2)
1. Martin and Howards Shandlmain Blu Chief - A most attractive mature dog very well muscled, with tremendous depth of rib, unfortunately he is not a good colour at all, as he has a great many sable overtones in his coat, the merle is well broken and dark, he has rich tan markings on his head which is quite attractive, again I would like to see more strength in underjaw, good foreface, correct stop, and well filled flat skull, well placed dark eye, giving a sweet expression, ears on top, presenting a good outline, excellent depth of rib, and well bodied with good neck, only a very slight mismark on his shoulder which I consider not a detriment.

OD (5)

1.Naulls Ch Wynele Indian Ink - this boy created an instant impact. Tri, a Smooth Collie that ticked all the boxes, he has a most lovely head, beautifully marked with rich tan markings, moulded foreface and good underjaw, correct stop, well filled flat skull, ears on top and alert, dark almond eye giving the desired expression. Parallel planes with an excellent head profile. Good neck, yet it is camouflouged by the high white collar markings, but it is apparent when handling, good depth and spring of rib and turn of stifle with correct tail carriage, a most handsome quality dog, CC/BOB

2. Denton's Ch Brackenhaye Fields of Gold - as his names suggests he is a shaded golden sable with an excellent overall profile, although slightly longer throughout than Indian Ink, he is now in his prime at six years old, very well deeloped body, with depth of rib and excellent neck and shoulder, quite a handsome exhibit, he has the glamour of a full white collar to take the eye, he has very good bone and hind quarters and in balance good head, with well filled broad skull, enough stop and strength of foreface with ears on top, a definite showman.


Puppy (7)

1. Naull's Wynele Obsession 8 months tri, so feminie, she is showing great promise for her age, completely balanced, presenting a lovely overall profile, correct head profile, everything in proportion, she is such a sweetie, with correct stop, well placed eye and expression and ears on top, showing herself off. Elegant body lines, good body and bone and well developed throughout, moved round the ring with precision and really stretched out and driving from her superb hindquarters, just needs to fulfil this early promise to take her further as she matures. Best Puppy in Breed and Group

2. Cowling's Koczkodan Ironicly Mine for Himminsag - very steady little girl, very nice overall. Pretty head with rich tan markings, nicely moulded foreface, perhaps a little lippy, well filled flat skull, straight front and good hindquarters, moved quite well.

3. Leich's Kocxkodan Good as Gold

JB (4)

1. Davies and Brown Breckamore Blessings at Wystry - she has a narrow white blaze on her forehead with rich tan markings to set her apart, clean wedge head with well filled flat skull. I would like to see a more almond shaped eye and a little less lippy, but she has good ears which she can use, moved round the ring with drive and good front extension and her movement from the rear was equally to match.

2. Forbes Zellamere Zsarina from Willowhurst - Very well bodied, a nice steady temperament, she has well developed ribs, good hindquarters and good front, rich tan, she has a nice head with flat skull, good stop, but rather lippy, good ears, her eye is rather round, in consequence she is rather starey in expression. Moved well behind.

3. Trundley and Palmer's Nuuk Saarskaal Bila Kaifa

PGB (6)

1. Richardsons Koczkodan Sweet Dreams of Lizoni - I loved her outline as she stands and shows, she has a good head profile with parallel planes, she has a good flat skull, sweet eye and expression and good ears, unfortunately the same heavy flews without a lipline, which seems to have crept into the breed, good depth and spring of rib, good turn of stifle, moved well and well handled.

2. French's Foxearth Fabostina for Breckamore a bitch which has a very nice stance, she lifts her neck and shoulders to show herself to advantage with a good head profile, flat skull, well placed eyes which are rather full and round but her ears are on top, she moves with good extension, very well handled.

3. Denton's Brackenhaye Heart and Soul

LB (7)

1. Lusty's Blamorder Fancy Patter - Blue merle, most lovely bitch in head and eye, she has the most lovely head profile, the parallel planes are separated by a perceptible stop, well filled foreface with correct lipline and underjaw. Flat skull, superb ears, good body lines and movement. I see from her overall she has a good side, ad the other is very heavily marked, which bought it to my attention owing to her handling her the opposite way in the line up, there was no way it could be disguised and not a bad detriment as her quality will shine through.

2. Benton's Brackenhaye Queen of Hearts at Oakestelle - Very nice feminine tri, refined head, correctly placed stop, nice dark eye, sweet expression, good foreface, underjaw and lipline, ears on top. I am sure that she is the standrd 22", she pushed the winner hard as she is quality through and through, balanced outline, and body lines are in unison with her overall outlook, moved well.

3. Sweeney and Lusty's Blamorder Do Quite Nicely

OB (4)

1. French's Wynele Couldn't Could She - A very striking bitch whom took my eye, golden sable who has all the glamour, shown in beautiful condition, her very good bodylines, enhanced by excellent presentation, she has a very good reach of neck, using her profile to set herself apart, with a full white collar, good harsh coat, over excellent depth and spring of rib, very good bone, legs and feet, moved especially well with correct tail carriage, straight front, well muscled second thigh, which enabled her to move out well. She has a good head with correct stop, well placed almond eyes giving a sweet expression, ears well placed on top, moulded foreface and good underjaw. She could have a tighter lipline to complete the picture. CC, I was told later that she was the litter sister to Indian Ink my Dog CC winner - a super brace - congratulations!

2. Lusty and Williams Blamorder Ice Cream Dream - Blue Merle, she is not a good colour, but I liked her, particularly in head eye and expression. She has a very nice Collie head, and her expression is exceptionally nice. She has a nicely moulded head, with the correct balance between the foreface and the skull which was very flat and well filled. She has good ears and body shape, very good body and bone. It is hard for breeders of merles to get everything together, and it is hard to get the quality, colour and the anatomy all together.

3. Flower's Ch Breckamore Butterfingers

Judge Sandra Wigglesworth