British Collie CH Show 5/3/2022
Rough Collie Bitches
My thanks go to the officers/committee of British Collie Club for the invitation to judge at this prestigious event, it was such an honour. My stewards Christine & Hazel for keeping me on the straight & narrow throughout the day. It is 40 years since I brought my first Collie from Mr & Mrs Field of the Dameral kennel. To be awarding tickets at THE club event of the year is a culmination of that young girls dream.

There were some quality bitches on show which meant I had to nit-pick in a couple of classes. Movement was difficult to assess, many collies unhappy with the floor/matting. Ours is a working breed and I love to see a free flowing Rough but it MUST go hand in hand with breed typical points. It is easy to put up the best mover in the class but, remember, even a mongrel can move soundly, disregard breed type at your peril. There was the usual variation in types, more so with head patterns, some looking attractive front on but in profile totalling losing the wedge shape.

Flat skull; I have always taken to mean width ways as well as length. If the skull falls away at the sides, it becomes as though fashioned from a tube. There were some tube like heads on show today as well as the cheese triangle "wedges'.

For those who enjoy their breed stats, the winning bitches of Limit & Open were sired by the same dog. The same dog is also grandsire to another 5 class winners. The Junior winner is a daughter of the ticket winner. One kennels breeding appeared to be influential in a few classes. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, meeting all your lovely dogs, thank you so much for bringing them.

Veteran (6;1)
1. Wray-Ramsden Beldones Duchess of Dreams, darker sable girl shown in full coat & condition. I have judged previously & think she looks better than ever. She lost her way in her middle years, looking matronly at times, but she's back with a bang in veteran. Very well balanced in body, she moved purposefully on the floor. Shorter head type with soft sweet expression, lovely eye, well placed ears. Beautifully shown on a loose lead. She was an unstoppable force today, as full of beans at the end of the day as she was at the beginning. BVIB, over both shows I believe. Well done.
2. Burrows CH Tiganlea Tinkerbell at Revdvicki, well known gold sable girl whose reputation precedes her. Full of enthusiasm, a proper showgirl who knows her job. Attractive head but preferred eye placement of winner. Have seen her in better coat /condition. Happy confident mover on the floor, she was enjoying her day out.
3. Harrison's CH Cariadhaf Candy Kisses, larger blue bitch who was in good fitted jacket. Strong well made throughout, liked her body length & shoulder. Toed in slightly coming toward but moved well enough. Attentive to handler.

Minor Puppy (5:1)
Some promising babies.
1. Walker, Walker & Ritchie Starlenga Nina Simone, 7 month blue of good colour, well marked. Very pretty head, good wedge shape, correct eye & ear placement. Swan like neck into good shoulder placement, lovely length of back, good hind angulation. Moved well enough up & back, keeping steady top line. Shows huge amount of promise for the future, good luck with her. BPIS
2. Hawkins Breckamore Welsh Honey for Brilyn, slightly larger sable of pleasing type. Quality head with intelligent expression, good flat skull. Presented lovely outline with good neck but felt shoulder placement a tad upright. Moved correctly fore & rear but slightly hesitant striding out, looking a little stilted. Well schooled baby who showed well for owner.
3. Blaikie's Kourika Dressed to Thrill, more compact Tri girl who was completely balanced throughout. Very sweet expression on correct shape head, neat ears. Moved positively on the floor. Full of puppy fun & bounce, good to see. Would like to see more length in head/body to give a little more elegance all round.

Puppy (5:1)
1. Spendelows Riverside Song Narayana at Offspring, strongly made blue girl whose colour is not her fortune. Attractive expression, sweet almond eye & flat skull, correct stop, well used ears, needs stronger underjaw. Good amount of bone, spring of rib. Fraction more neck would improve outline. Moved tidily up &
down with drive from behind.
2. Margetts Collingvale Campari, smaller type Tri who was finer in bone & body. Feminine expression with pretty eye, well placed ear & stop. Good flat skull but would prefer a little more moulding to fore face, lacked underjaw. Attractive outline which she held on the move, a tad close going away.
3. Lillyway Lemon Breeze, well made Tri built along stronger lines, more workman like. Good head pattern but not so sweet in eye/expression. Moved well & was confident on the floor.

Junior (9:2)
Strong class.
1. Walker,Walker & Ritchie's Beldones Just for Fun at Starlenga, 14 month golden sable bitch in good coat, well presented. Beautiful head type, good wedge, good underjaw, correct shaped eye, flat skull, enough stop, ears well placed. Giving very soft expression. Reachy neck into correct shoulder, well ribbed, good length of back into excellent rear, good angles, short hocks. Moved well enough with plenty of drive behind. So much to
like, my only criticism being I feel that she is over-handled, she was stacked & standing like a rocking horse at times, owner needs to watch this or it will spoil an otherwise beautiful bitch. As it turns out, a daughter of my ticket winner.
2. Hawkins & Foy Beldones Magical Bliss, another quality darker sable girl in heavy coat slightly hiding her outline. Very attractive head with dark oblique eye, true flat skull, ears ok a little reluctant to use, good moulding & correct stop. Well balanced all through meant she moved steadily enough.
3. Hassocks Camanna Paulara Cissy Spacek, flashy girl with good length of back, she didn't move as well as conformation suggests. Just not quite the expression of winner, needing more moulding & has enough stop.

Maiden (3:1)
1. Philpins Tudorlyn Alice in Wonderland, attractive type of bitch who has a beautiful silvery blue jacket well broken with black, needs a little more coat to furnish & fill her out. Pleasing head type, flat skull with correct head planes, good underjaw. Eye slightly fuller but correctly placed. Neat ears which she used reluctantly. Correctly made so presented a very balanced outline, moved soundly enough. 'Lockdown' baby whose apprehension & anxiety is holding her back. Hopefully she may learn to relax & enjoy her shows as she
has promise.
2. Riverside Song Narayana at Uffspring

Novice (8:1)
1. Tudorlyn Alice In Wonderland
2. Riverside Song Narayana at Offspring
3. Collingvale Campari

Graduate (15:3)
Strong class.
1. Iley's Arklethill Delilah at Ileyda JW, larger statuesque sable girl in full coat & condition, well presented. Good head type, very balanced length with correct stop, almond eye well set, ears used well she showed non stop. Would prefer slightly more moulding to foreface & under eye. Nice length neck set on good shoulders, well ribbed, lovely hindquarters. Gave the impression of strength & activity with lovely bone. Moved out
strongly with purpose & drive. At one with handler on loose lead, plenty of ring presence. 2. Grindleys Lanrue Milly Molly Mandy correctly coloured blue who I don't recall seeing before. Classic type who was of correct size & substance without being overdone, correct height to length ratio. Slightly stronger in head but she retained her feminity, good head planes, strength of muzzle & underjaw. Medium eye well set, ears a little erratic but they were well placed. Moved out well, strongly going away, toeing in a tad coming toward but she had good shoulder placement. Silver blue jacket was just my cup of tea.
3. Walker,Walker & Ritchie's Starlenga All About Me, dark Tri bitch who I initially thought would be my class winner. In excellent coat, condition, not a hair out of place. Strongly made bitch with ample bone, arched neck, well set shoulder, a fraction shorter in back with well bent stifles, short hocks. Moved with purpose, sound fore & aft. Head was balanced but a little more stop than I prefer & just didn't match the feminity/expression of the winner. She seemed distracted, so not quite her day today.

Post Graduate (5:2)
1. Scott's Chantique Deja Vu, golden girl in good coat who I was really taken with. She has a dreamy melting expression which is also very technically correct, classic wedge, parallel head planes, good underjaw, cleanest through in skull, no depth or breadth, soft moulding, lovely eye, ears well set. Ideal size with strong bone. So well made, all her body lines just flowed all the way down to her neat feet. She moved out precisely & cleanly on lovely short driving hocks. Shown sympathetically, quiet handling bought out the best in her. Top class girl who in the challenge lacked the maturity of the older bitches but I just loved her.
2. Rose's Uffspring Ultravox, Tri in full coat, well presented. Pleasing type who was balanced throughout, moved really well. Head again balanced with well shaped eye, neat ears which she used all the time. More moulding to foreface would soften expression. Happy girl who knew her job, in harmony with handler.
3. Congdons Starlenga All My Love to Aaronwell, Tri girl in profuse coat slightly hiding outline. Tends to stand close in on her dad, after tit-bits, not helping her silhouette. Not quite the head type I was after today.

Mid Limit (11:2)
The first 2 bitches I consider of equal merit, sadly only 1 red card. 1. Randall's Ladnar Inkspot, jet black Tri immaculately presented & approaching her best. In profile, curvaceous outline, arched neck, correct shoulder placement, sweeping quarters, beautiful bend of stifle & short hocks. Well ribbed with rise over loin, sweeping
tail. She moved with such ease, minimal effort required, precise & true. Probably the
soundest Collie I judged all day. Very lovely head, balanced with correct stop, rounded foreface, flat skull clean through cheeks, no depth. Ears neat well placed, used as required. Just felt her dark eyes slightly square set in skull. Lacking a little verve today. Her day will come.
2. Brown's Mertrisa Cool Love, truly lovely Tri bitch who was unlucky to meet the winner. In possession of the most beautiful head piece, so feminine & kind sweet expression. Cleanest of heads, no flaring, no depth, no breadth, flat skull, foreface moulded, slight stop. Well placed neat ears a little reluctant to use but did enough. Dark almond eyes obliquely set, here she scored over the winner. Lovely outline with excellent neck &
correct back length, flowing over croup to well angulated rear. On the move she really drove forward, lowering herself with good reach. She was turned out beautifully in long full coat with glamorous featherings but it all slightly swamped her, losing the silhouette I was after. I had to split hairs & it was the most difficult decision I made today as I was truly smitten.
3. Takhisis Aphrodite JW flashy gold girl in good coat & shown naturally on loose lead. Presented an attractive outline, well balanced & moved steady enough. Pleasing expression, soft moulded foreface, good eye shape, ears well used as she is quite the showgirl. Head in profile is too deep for me with too much stop.

Limit (11:3)
1. Newman's Phreelancer Phaith Hill, the first line of the breed standard could have been written for this tall elegant Tri lady. She possesses the great beauty, impassive dignity & working capability called for in the standard. Stands so serenely on a loose lead, it is her silhouette that I want to see when I look up in the ring. Longer in head as befits her longer cast structure she was beautifully balanced throughout. Such a dreamy look in her dark almond eyes, very clean through her cheeks, nicely moulded, well placed small ears which she flicked forward when she saw fit. In profile just found her a tad deep through & stop a little cleaner. On the move she was graceful & with a lovely top line. Sadly, hind action going away, precluded her from further honours. A lovely girl.
2. Blaikie's Kourika Kover Girl, smaller more compact sable girl who was full of verve, showing herself off to advantage. Though shorter in head, she was very appealing in expression with just a hint of cheekiness. On the move was she was powerful & energetic, a pocket rocket. Overall would have preferred a bit more length, to give her more elegance, but no denying she was completely balanced throughout with ample bone. Lots of animation, she couldn't be ignored, quality girl.
3. Danfrebeck Dancing In the Dark, neat Tri colour who was slightly squarer in outline. Head was attractive with pretty expression a shade deep in skull. Neat ears well used, she showed well. Moved very soundly up & back.

Open (8:1)
Quality class.
1. Hawkins & Foy Beldones Looks Like Fun, mature darker sable who was in full coat. Classic type who stood with quiet dignity, showing steadily, shown naturally. My eye kept being drawn back to her. Such a beautiful enigmatic expression, once seen, not forgotten. Completely clean head, parallel head planes, soft moulding, foreface like velvet, good underjaw & lip line. Dark almond eye obliquely placed, slight stop, flat skull
topped with small neat ears. Good neck length into well angulated shoulders, deep chest, correct length back, slight rise to loin, sweeping over croup to well angulated rear. No part out of proportion to the whole. When asked to move, she did truly, without effort. In the challenge when asked to quicken, she lengthened & lowered her centre of gravity, extending & driving out in equal measure, keeping her top line at all times. I don't recall seeing her before & I was told later she is a little ring rusty; she does tend to crowd her dad & lose her shape a tad. Sincerely hope we see her again. Well deserved CC, BOB, BIS.
2. Bardos Ch, Int Ch, Hun Ch Tiganlea Make Good Time, sable bitch in cracking form, shown in super coat/condition. Strong well made, looks like she could go all day, active & athletic without coarseness. Moved with much enthusiasm, correctly & powerfully, tail carried gaily (allowed for in the standard) saying much about her happy temperament. Quality head, slightly shorter but still balanced, with sweet smiley expression. Super moulding, flat skull, correct stop, lovely eye shape correctly set. Ears heavier but did not detract. Charismatic quality bitch who is easy on the eye, could not deny her the RCC, well done!
3. Walden's CH Hanvale Polly Shelby JW, paler sable lady who was between coats today. She was clean & presented well, the lack of coat enhancing her correct well built structure, standing fore square shown naturally, eyes only for her owner. Very pretty head which was a good wedge shape, lovely eye giving sweet expression. Moved well as her body lines suggested. Not disgraced here, worthy title holder.

Tracey Jackson