Rough Collie Dogs - Mrs S Wigglesworth
Rough Collie Bitches - Mrs A Hassock - Judges Critique
Smooth Collies - Mr A J Foulston - BIS - Mr G Duffield





Veteran (7)
1st Elshajo Armani Moon
2nd Ch Hanvale Doogie Howser
3rd Ch Ladnar Kingfisher
Res Ch Jopium Cool Touch JW ShCM
VHC Ch Caronlea Lord of the Dance JW

Minor Puppy (9,0)

1st Sea Dreamer's One and Only for Geosamka
2nd Kourika Kosta Koffee
3rd Lanrue Christopher Robyn
Res Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back
VHC Chesterfield at Niknigh

Puppy (6)
1st Lynmack Tommy Hilfiger by Ileyda
2nd Alanita Acker Bilk for Westoak
3rd Chantique Star Dust
Res Ladnar Moondust
VHC Aaronwell Ayebeecee

Junior (6,1)
1st Amalie Lynmead Say it Again
2nd Riverside Song a Kind of Magic over Corisian
3rd Lanlin Benji at Leesaund
Res Leemanway River Phoenix at Nithview
VHC Ingledene Spirits Arise

Maiden (4)
1st Lynmack Tommy Hilfiger by Ileyda
2nd Alanita Acker Bilk for Westoak
3rd Lanrue Christopher Robyn
Res Ladnar Moondust

Novice (2)
1st Alinita Acker Bilk for Westoak
2nd Ladnar Moondust

Graduate (14,3)
1st Moonpromises Ever After
2nd Tremaro Catch a Star JW
3rd Chantique Gold Dust
Res Rubacuori Della Buca Delle Fate at Gerian
VHC Corydon Riffson

Post Graduate (8,1)
1st Lynmack Walk All Over You at Roughrigg
2nd Danfrebek Double O Seven at Stanlox JW
3rd Redola Just for Fun
Res Rydeen Jamboree at Brihow JW
VHC Redola Just in Time for Gataj

Mid Limit (10,1,1W/D)
1st Trenley Tatenen at Hamisks
2nd Starlyn Diamonds 'R' Forever
3rd Monsolana Bluztar for Aaronwell
Res Mertrisa Emrys Destiny at Anpasch
VHC Telforth Tony

Limit (8,2)
1st Chelborn Soul Desire for Triburle
2nd Imperial Des Beldones at Gerian
3rd Glenbowdene Shades of Gold JW
Res Lanrue Christopher Wren
VHC I am Fantastic Du Bois des Amazones for Corisian

Open (13,1)
1st Ch Beldones Double Diamond
2nd Monsolana Sundevon for Aaronwell
3rd Ch Atendus Erasure
Res Lizmark Gold Standard
VHC Ch Brilyn Intoxicated


Veteran (8,2)
1st Ch Derbypark Could it be Magic for Brihow
2nd Buebezi Bisou Avec Derbypark JW
3rd Caronlea Dixie Chick
Res Lizmark Lookin Fab
VHC Amalie Let Me Be at Collingvale JW

Minor Puppy (10,2)
1st Tiganlea Set the Tone
2nd Aaronwell A Foxy Lady at Gataj
3rd Fridens Faberlic for Salsina
Res Bathiview Bewitched for Marchere
VHC Nithview Summer Lovin'

Puppy (7)
1st Ladnar Inkheart
2nd Aaronwell Azure Betty
3rd Collingvale Creme Anglaise
Res Chelborn More Than Cool
VHC Roughrigg Rita Ora

Junior (15)
1st Beldones Fit for Fun
2nd Guilty Secret with Brilyn
3rd Beldones Duchess of Dreams JW
Res Collingvale Cassis over Darahill
VHC Erjon Euphoric for Alanita

Maiden (8,0)
1st Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian
2nd Ladnar Inkeart
3rd Aaronwell Azure Betty
Res Monsolana Fortune Feit for Chelborn
VHC Sabresnipe Pure Indulgence

Novice (10)
1st Riverside Song Bossa Nova Baby Joins Corisian
2nd Gemastra Just One Kiss at Treweek
3rd Ladnar Inkheart
Res Aaronwell Azure Betty
VHC Collingvale Creme Anglaise

Graduate (18,4)
1st Sassari Sea Shimmer
2nd Chantique Fairy Dust
3rd Chelborn Kiss'N Desire
Res Lynmack Let There Be Rock
VHC Chantique Stevie Nicks at Starlenga

Post Graduate (18,6)
1st Aldermeade Cameron Diaz at Lynaire
2nd Tremaro Tainted Love at Rahlissa
3rd Bhyllsacre Babycham
Res Sassari Sequins
VHC Alanita Jasmyn Through the Myst at Roshura

Mid Limit (13,4)
1st Erjon Emma Jean with Highnol JW
2nd Antoc Soul Diva
3rd Rahlissa Love Song JW
Res Collingvale Creme Caramel JW
VHC Ileyda Pixie Lott

Limit (18,6)
1st Tiganlea Tinkerbell
2nd Kourika Karrizma
3rd Zelai Loves Swallows at Amalie
Res Chelborn Unmistakeable
VHC Lynaire Angel in Gold

Open (11,1)
1st Ch Heart of Gold de Cabrenysset for Hanvale
2nd Fr Ch Eloise des Beldones
3rd Bul Ch Riverside Song Waltzing Matilda
Res Ch Riverside Song Love is all Around Metrisa
VHC Ch Chelborn Desirable JW




Veteran Dog/Bitch (6,2)
1st Ch Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane
2nd Easy Listening at Seanua
3rd Alopex Matt Finish
Res Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
VHC Juniperwood King of Kings

no entries

Junior (3,0)
1st Seanua Signature
2nd Breckamore By Design
3rd Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn

Post Graduate
no entries

Limit (7,0)
1st Blamorder Back to the Future
2nd Ryecombe Deb on Air
3rd Breckamore Blushing Groom
Res Oakestelle Vivaldi
VHC Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan

Open (2,0)
1st Ch Foxearth Flintab
2nd Ch Foxearth Frappuccino


no entries

Junior (6,0)
1st Seanua Sofly Softly
2nd Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack
3rd Natalain Kilchenny at Willowhurst
Res Blamorder Just Like Magic
VHC Sturtmoor Klarrisants Kiss

Post Graduate (7,0)
1st Willowhurst Vanity
2nd Blamorder Back in Town
3rd Plaisane Blue Belle
Res Foxearth Fly Orchis
VHC Juniperwood Joyful

Limit (6,0)
1st Biamorder Back to the Start for Saraneth
2nd Seanua Serendipity
3rd Oakestelle Venus de Milo
Res Finnish Touch for Breckamore
VHC Manordeifi Silver Sparkle

Open (9,2)
1st Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearthh
2nd Juniperwood Just a Dream
3rd Ch Breckamore Bridget Jones
Res Ch Foxearth Dressed to Frill
VHC Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan